Adolph Denis Horn is a Norwegian painter and graphic designer, born in 1933. Studied at The National College of Art and Design, Oslo, 1951-1956. Graduated with a diploma in graphic design. His paintings, drawings and prints can be found in The National Gallery, Oslo; The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo; The collection of The Norwegian Council for Cultural Affairs; the Collections of the City of Oslo, and many private collections.

A.D. Horn: City 1982. Oil. Canvas 120 x 160 cm. (Collection of The National Museum of Contemporary Art).

A.D. Horn: Remnants of a renaissance construction, sinking in calm weather. 1991. Three colours. Size: 39 x 53 cm. Edition: 80 prints.

The Painter's View On Understanding Art of Our Time

It is impossible to understand the real content and spirit of art without considering the influences of their own time upon the artists. If an audience ignores these elements, art will be like an enigma. It will collide with, and sometimes provoke, public opinions on the purpose of creating art. Art follows its own path, regardless of what public opinions might think about its purpose. The real function of independent art is not to decorate the wall behind your sofa. It is vital to have in mind the impact upon artist and art from events and drama of any present time – for better or for worse.

The Painter's View On Man, Society and Nature
Since the beginning of 1960’s the painter has been deeply involved in problems concerning the decay and disintegration of human civilization. Among others the following issues:

  • The destruction of environment and nature, and effects of industrially processed food on public health; the effects of irresponsible use of global resources on the coming generations; of irresponsible public consumption; of growth in world population etc.
  • Participated for years in green political activities in Oslo. In 1971 one of the founders of the first green political party in Norway.
  • The painter strongly supports protection of nature and wildlife.
  • From 1965 strongly opposed to plans for adding fluorides to the drinking water in Norway. Based on medical facts that fluoridation and other use of fluorides is an alarming hazard to public health.
  • The painter has for years been a member of The International Anti-Slavery Association. He considers slavery and any other kind of suppression of humans, to be the crime above all crimes to man and mankind through history, and has caused more suffering and deaths to much more people than all wars.

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